Take a deep breath
and imagine a forest,
a lot of forest.
And on a clearing next to the resort,
the bustle of children playing
– on swings,
on slides,
with horses...
Are you with us? :)

Rakitna is a real balsam for a young soul – it is a place for new opportunities and experiences, for understanding, acceptance, warmth, play, imagination, adventure, energy and, of course, health. There is truth to the saying that nature is a very good healer. Thus, the team of experts caring for the medical and psychological treatment of the young patients gets great help from the location of Rakitna itself. At Rakitna, we are dedicated to caring for the mental wellbeing of children and youth. This is why we perform the following programmes.

Program reintegracije in rehabilitacije Šola lulanja Obolenja dihal

When leaving Rakitna and going home, each child gets a Rakitna mental lifter of fog, bad mood, hardships and illness. Parents and children say the lifter works great and lasts long. At least until the next visit. Our wards have great memories of Rakitna and love to come back.

The Youth Health Resort Rakitna is a place where children get a chance.

We will also be happy to see you. Visit us and get a bit of new energy, personal strength and health. Pick an opportunity for you and your children.