Programme activities

Therapy group

In therapy groups, young people exchange their experience, feelings and findings with other group members. Feedback from other group members helps in solving and understanding the background of one’s own problems.

Dance movement therapy

Dance movement therapy is a form of therapy that uses expression and creativity through movement as the basic therapy tool. The reintegration programme is aimed at establishing a connection with one’s own body, connecting the body with the inner experience, developing a realistic physical self-image and boosting confidence.

Equine-assisted therapy

In psychotherapy with horses, young participants develop a relationship with a horse and the therapist. They try to recognise and change their behavioural and emotional patterns, and improve social skills. They perform different exercises on the floor, next to the horse and on the horse.

Confidence training

Through confidence (or assertiveness) training, young people learn to trust their capabilities, respect themselves and communicate effectively.


Psychodrama is a method in psychotherapy, helping the individual to gain insight into their own life through role playing.

Health education

The group is thematically based. Participants learn the importance of balanced nutrition, a proper attitude towards food and physical activity,acquire an appropriate attitude to their own body and to body weight, learn different ways of addressing health issues, learn about the consequences of inappropriate eating habits, about different kinds of addiction and ways to prevent them.

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Therapy community

The community discusses the life and work in the programme, the relationships between the participants and the staff, the performance of tasks that are part of the therapy and the agreements for the current and the next week.

Creative workshops

In creative workshops, participants express their emotions, projecting them into a visual form or image regardless of their creative experience. The aim of creative workshops is not a product but rather what is reflected in the product.

Sports activities

Sport is a game and an activity. The sports activities within the programme include both group sports (basketball, volleyball, handball) and individual sports (archery, climbing, table tennis, cycling), for the participants to improve their skills and relax in performing a focused activity.

Parents’ group

Emotional and eating disorders have great impact on a family’s way of life. The parents therefore also wonder, worry and deal with different emotions. They get a time and place to talk about this in the parents’ group. With the help of therapists, they can share their experience, but also look for new possibilities. Emotional and eating disorders are a problem and at the same time a challenge and a chance for a change in interpersonal relations.

Hospital school

During the programme, young participants can perform their curricular obligations in the hospital school.