Reintegration and rehabilitation programme for young people with emotional and/or eating disorders

The Reintegration and rehabilitation programme is designed for young people aged 16 to 26 with emotional and/or eating disorders, which can manifest as:


The programme lasts 6 weeks, with a chance of extension if the participant is active in achieving the goals and motivated to continue. The duration of inclusion in the programme depends on an assessment made by the therapist team and especially on the participant’s engagement during the programme. The programme includes psychotherapy, sometimes with diagnostics. The purpose of inclusion in the programme is to recognise the reasons for certain emotions and their successful management, to develop active-problem-solving skills and improve social skills, increase confidence and build appropriate self-esteem, develop an appropriate attitude towards food, drink and body weight, and reach a level of independence appropriate for the development period. A very important share in this is the participant’s own share of responsibility for reaching the set goals.


Admission process

A young person may be admitted into the programme in agreement with their personal physician, or with their psychiatrist, psychologist or psychotherapist. Nevertheless, participation in the programme must be the young person’s own independent decision. 

A young person who wishes to be admitted into the programme can call us or suggest to their physician, psychiatrist or psychotherapist to call us. We call them back soon afterwards for an informative interview. The candidate is then notified of the date of admission by phone or in writing.


Participation in the programme

Upon admission, the young person is acquainted with the rules of the therapy and makes a therapy agreement. Following these rules and the agreement helps them successfully reintegrate into the life in the home setting.

Active participation in the activities is a condition for successfully achieving the goals. Treatment in the programme is based particularly on group therapy and psychotherapy.