School of growing up healthy

The School of growing up healthy is meant for children and youth between the school-entry age and 26 with whom changes have been noticed regarding their emotional behaviour, eating and/or peer relationships.

When we notice a child or a young person in distress, it is adults who can direct them to seeking help. One of the ways of helping is the programme of the School of growing up healthy. Much can be done already by timely action. Parents, teachers, guidance services and social work centres, paediatricians and others who notice a child has problems and is in distress are thus encouraged to direct the child to the programme early enough.

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What adults should put their attention to:

Programme aims:


Content and duration

The programme lasts two weeks, with a start on a Monday and end on a Friday. The wards stay at Rakitna the entire time, including the weekend.

Children and young people take active part in therapies, creative workshops and sports activities, while spending their free time with their peers. They also attend a few school classes every day. A special place in the programme is given to activities with animals (horses, dogs, other pets) and work with families. Parents can get consultations about raising children and can attend family therapy.

Participants are encouraged to be open and communicate, as well as to develop a healthy lifestyle. We help them find their place in their families and among their peers. During their stay at Rakitna, their progress is also monitored by a doctor.

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Admission process


How the child/young person benefits from the programme

Children who have finished the School of growing up healthy say they especially cherished in the programme that, surrounded by peers and friendly therapists, they learnt to better understand themselves and others. Moreover, they found out that other young people are facing similar problems and distresses, and that these can be overcome.